So there are a number of reasons why I’ve decided to totally geek out and make a “lunch menu” for the next TWO months.

  1. By planning ahead we will not be making any quick stops for food which is good because A.not eating fast food is healthier for you, the environment, and your little pursey  B. You’re not supporting gross corporations
  2. You can have your food expenses more accurately budgeted for (you know what coupons to look for, and you know what you’re buying when you go into the grocery store-avoiding over spending on crap you don’t need/won’t eat/stuff that is bad for you)
  3. Hopefully I’ll be able to curve cravings by knowing there is already something planned for the night.
  4. There will be no stress of trying to decide what to eat (except the one time you sit down and pick out what you’re going to eat everyday for the next two months)

O.K. Obviously I wouldn’t be writing this if I didn’t have a problem with going out to eat, it’s something I’ve been trying to offically stop for literally ever, but I’m pretty sure fast food brainwashes you or whatever and that’s my excuse so I officially am not going to eat at any chain restaurants anymore, and naturally it’s better to support your local business, so starting Now! We can do this! GO!

That doesn’t mean I’m going to give up tasty food though.  I’ve put together a weekly meal plan that involves eating meat twice a week and pretty much eating the same two things for lunch everyday.  But supper is where it’s at, because that’s when we all sit down as a family to eat.  Another plus! We sit down as a family to eat every night.  Cool.  Good American thing to do.

Don’t have a Calendar? Make one! Heres my calendar taped up on the wall so I will feel super guilty if I get off trackunnamed.jpg

BREAKFAST:Rotate-fruit, yogurt and granola, avocado toast, oatmeal,cereal, eggs

LUNCH: Rotate-Peanut butter banana and jelly sandwich, avocado quesadilla (I mash the avocado up with the cheese and grill), Veggie sandwich (bread,avocado, spicy mustard, green pepper, tomato, onion, sprouts, provolone)


Sunday- Rice & Vegetables

I buy white rice (but should buy brown) in bulk and then just get some frozen stir fry vegetables cook in coconut oil and pour on some soy sauce.  Simple and always surprisingly good!

Monday- Mattar Paneer

I just buy Jyoti, you heat up the can, put on some rice and eat with some naan.  So YUM! 7c8a4215d845ff7192dc58b101d610ea.jpg

Tuesday- Tacos   every dang tuesday .                                                                                                                                               I like hard shell with refried beans, lettuce, cheese, cilantro and taco sauce, but there are many varieties of tacos.  This is just one of the cheapest.

WednesdayAvocado strawberry spinach salad Recipe here 

Thursday-Shrimp Scampi Recipe here

Friday-Apple bacon sandwiches This was a creation my s/0 and I kind of collaborated on to create the perfect sandwich we both love.  I will post the recipe Friday after I make it.

Saturday-Stuffed Avocados Recipe Here

(there are some ingredients in the recipes that I feel like I can do with out, or will be subsituting  ex. goat cheese instead of bleu cheese in spinach salad, and there are things like salt and pepper that I already have and will not be adding to the list but larger items like noodles which I have but I will add for your sake and I hope I don’t forget anything too big)

Produce: Green Pepper, Red onion, Avocado(4), Tomato, Sprouts, Lettuce, Garlic, Spinach, Strawberries, Organic Bananas, Cilantro, Organic Apples(4)

Cans/Dry: Refried beans, Hard shell, Can Herdez Verde, Taco Sauce, Mattar Paneer, Bread (2), Granola, Rice, spaghetti noodles, almonds, poppy seed dressing, crushed red pepper, Coffee, peanut butter, jelly (preserves), Case of La Croix

Meat: Shrimp, Wright brand Applewood Bacon,

Dairy: Noosa Vanilla yogurt, Slice provolone, shredded cheddar, shredded parmesan, honey goat cheese, O.J.

Frozen: Stir fy veggies


TOTAL Cost: $101.42 with out any coupons at your local Hy-vee and this includes some staple items you will use nearly every week and may already have.

The meals planned in this list includes breakfast, lunch and supper for 2 1/2 people for one week.